Stewarding Imagination

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What are you dreaming about?

What are you dreaming about?

So, I’m reading through the book “In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day” by Mark Batterson again.   It’s a fabulous book and has so many odd things to contribute to our lives.   If I was to give Mark Batterson one compliment I would say that he is odd.   By that I mean that he tends to think about things that we’ve all seen and read before, but he does it in such an odd way that it makes it all fresh again.

I was at the airport today waiting for my plane to leave and I read the following line: “What about being good stewards of our imagination?” (Page 17).  This brought up a whole bunch of other questions for me:

What does that mean?

What do we do with our imagination?

How do we “steward” our imagination?

What would life have been like if my parents had named me “Stewart”?  (I’m glad this didn’t happen.   I mean no offense to those of you that might be named “Stewart”).

I’m not sure if I have the answers to those questions or not, but I do know this: God cares about how we use and “steward” our imaginations.

I was on the runway at the time I read this waiting for my plane to take off so I was pressed for time, but I quickly looked up the definition to the word “steward” before the plane took off.  (This is more difficult than you think, since the flight attendant was watching me like a hawk).   The definition said that a steward is “a person who manages another persons property or financial affairs as well as their household.”   Basically what I gather it means is that this person acts on the other’s behalf.   What would that mean for us then?   How do we imagine on God’s behalf?   How do we use our imaginations on God’s behalf?

If I told you that God would be involved in whatever you imagined as long as it was involved in seeing the Kingdom of God come to earth, what would you imagine?   If you knew that God would act on your behalf to see your imagination come to fruition, what would you dream?   If you had faith that God was involved in your future as well as your past, what would your imagination look like?

From a human perspective the imagination is the ability to see what isn’t there and to experience what is hidden from reality.   What if that means there is some connection between what we choose to imagine through faith and how God chooses to act?  What if our imaginations allow us to enter a world that operates as if God is completely in control and then to see what the results of that kind of world would be?   What if when we allow God to captivate our imaginations, it has an actual impact on how things are?  What if our imaginations are more than just distractions throughout the day?   What if they can actually affect history?   What if they can affect the present?   What if they can affect the future?



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